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  • February Meeting

    The February monthly RATS meeting is going to be kind of an audience participation event. The topic is going to…

  • Proposed changes to the By-Laws of the Desert RATS club.

    We are in the need to update the By-Laws of the club. There are three things that are in need…

  • Russian Digital Radio Club

    We received the following e-mail. Everyone that can is invited to participate. ***********************************************************8 Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs, The Russian Digital…

  • November 2014 Speaker about Natural Disasters

    Natural Disasters and what to expect. November meeting about Natural Disasters will be presented by Dr. Joan Fyxell PhD from…

  • video

    October 2014 Speaker

    We are pleased to have Bob Morris (KK6BXJ) giving us a presentation on Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS) as the October 2014 Speaker.

    To start learning more about this technology please see the following two sites.  ARRL NBEMS and W1HKJ Download Page for information about what it is and where to get the software.

    Bob will be presenting on what it is and give us a live demonstration use two laptop computers and two HT radios.

    You can also watch this YouTube video to get started on installing and configuring the software on your computer.  “Basic NBEMS FLDIGI Setup for use with the MT63 Mode on FM


    OFF-CENTER-FED or (OCF) DIPOLES! Off-Center-Fed Dipole usual practice is to feed a ½ wave dipole in the center where the feed point impedance…