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Frequency Usage

Chosen Frequency usage

This page shows all the know frequencies that have been chosen to be used with each various group within Coachella Valley. These are only used in this valley and will most likely be used in other areas as well.

This is a list of all Simplex Frequencies that various groups use and which group is using which ones for their respective NETS.  If we have the info on when the NET is held it is posted.  If you have information that you would like to share please send us feedback.

FrequencyGroup UsingComments
146.940 - 107.2ARES/Desert RATS RepeaterThis repeater is located on Edom Hill
146.760 - 107.2San J RepeaterThis repeater is located above the Palm Springs Tram
224.480 - 110.9Desert RATS 220 MachineCurrently located in Cathedral City on Perez Rd.
445.640 - 107.2WB6RLC RepeaterThis is a linked repeater on Edom Hill and Indio Hills
144.315HEROESHospital Emergency Radio Operator Group
144.330DECDesert Emergency Communications
144.345HEROESHospital Emergency Radio Operator Group
144.360HEROESHospital Emergency Radio Operator Group
144.410DECDesert Emergency Communications. NET First Wednesday Night of the Month right after the NET on 144.450.
144.450DECDesert Emergency Communications. NET every Wednesday Night at 7:30 PM.
144.530DECDesert Emergency Communications
145.550ERC Palm Desert BldgLDS Church members that attend the Palm Desert Building on Monterey Ave.
145.700RACES Palm Springs EOC
146.400ERC indio BldLDS Church members that attend the Indio Building on Ave 48.
146.415ERC Bermuda Dunes BldgLDS Church members that attend the Bermuda Dunes Building on Washington Ave.
146.435ERC ParkviewLDS Church members that attend the Parkview Congregation.
146.500DEC Sky ValleyDesert Emergency Communications. NET every Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM.
146.520National Calling
146.535ERC Bermuda DunesLDS Church members that attend the Bermuda Dunes Congregation.
146.550ERC Monterery/ThermalLDS Church members that attend the Spanish Speaking Congregations.
146.565ERC Borrego Springs/Santa RosaLDS Church members that attend the Borrego Springs and Santa Rosa Congregations.
146.580ERC La QuintaLDS Church members that attend the La Quinta Congregation.
146.595ERC Palm Desert StakeLDS Church members that are part of the Palm Desert Congregations from Cathedral City all the way down to Borrego Springs.
146.700DEC Sky Valley ALTDesert Emergency Communications
147.420ERC Palm DesertLDS Church members that attend the Palm Desert Congregation.
147.510ERC Palm SpringsLDS Church members that attend the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs Congregations.
440.000HEROESHospital Emergency Radio Operator Group
445.000HEROESHospital Emergency Radio Operator Group

This table shows all the Frequencies that RACES uses and the channel that they have assigned to each frequency.

RACES Frequencies

Channel #UHF Name/LocationRX FreqTX FreqPLOff SetStatusComments
1RACES Tram 2145.200144.6131.8minusREPEATERThurs 7:00 PM
2RACES Tram 2145.200SIMPLEX
3RACES Tram 1145.480144.88107.2minusREPEATER
4RACES Tram 1145.480SIMPLEX
5RACES Cactus City146.025146.625107.2plusREPEATER
6RACES Cactus City146.025SIMPLEX
7RACES Mt EDNA (Banning)147.915147.315123minusREPEATER
8RACES Mt EDNA (Banning)147.915SIMPLEX
9National Simplex146.520SIMPLEX
10-28Left unassigned by RACES
29RACES Edom Hill 1446.06441.06141.3minusRepeater
30RACES Edom Hill 1 Simplex446.06446.06Simplex
31RACES Indio Hills 1445.02440.02186.2minusRepeater
32RACES Indio Hills 1 Simplex445.02445.02Simplex
33RACES Indio Hills 2445.64440.64131.8minusRepeaterSky Warn Net Tuesday @ 7:30 PM except 2nd Tuesday of Month
34RACES Edom Hill 2 445.64440.64107.2minusRepeaterSky Warn Net Tuesday @ 7:30 PM except 2nd Tuesday of Month
35RACES Edom Hill 2 Simplex445.64445.64Simplex
37Left unassigned by RACES
38National Simplex446446Simplex
39Left unassigned by RACES
40RACES Portable Repeater448.32443.32162.2minusRepeater