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RATS Involved in DXpedition

RATS Involved in DXpedition
May 15, 2017 Ralph Borcherds

OK, it’s tooting my own horn, and 2 others. And it’s really a micro-DXpedition. Three of us RATS are going on vacation together. It started off with Steve KM6HWX wanting to do a bucket list item. Sailing the Caribbean on a sailboat. He booked a Windjammer cruise on a 100ft sailboat. He was telling Mark KD6SEC about it and we both thought it sounded fun. Mark used to crew on a racing sailboat and I had a 23ft Islander that I covered up and down the West Coast with and out past Santa Barbara Island. So Mark and I signed up for the same cruise.

With 3 Hams on board of the only 10 passengers, it just had to turn into a DXpedition. We applied for licenses from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the island chain we will be spending most of our time in. Give a listen, mostly on 20M about 14.280 +/- for SSB and about 14.080 for RTTY during the day. In the evenings we will try 30M and 40M. We will be operating holiday style, meaning where and when we feel like it and as time and conditions allow. Listen for us as J8/WB6RLC, J8/KD6SEC and J8/KM6HWX

See you on the band


Glenn – WB6RLC