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Kevin Zanjani, KI6DHQ, from Bioenno Power (located in Santa Ana, CA) will be presenting an exciting overview of LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery technology for ham radio and solar applications, including typical setups used with ham radio.  The presentation will highlight the benefits of LiFePO4 technology compared to traditional batteries.   The presentation will also have Q&A at the end and an exciting show-and-tell of various LiFePo4 batteries, powerpacks, and solar products.  Bioenno Power has attended various hamfests and hamventions including the Palm Springs Hamfest, Dayton Hamvention, Nevada State Convention, Texas HamComm, the Visalia DX Convention, among others, providing hands-on demos of the products.  The company’s products were highlighted in the July 2016 issue of CQ Magazine, with Gordon West.   We look forward to an informative and exciting presentation!

The Desert R.A.T.S. club is proud to announce the updated Palm Springs Hamfest website. The Hamfest will be at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Check out the website for all the details. Click on the image to go to the website.




Members of the Desert RATS club try our best to live by this code at all times.

The Radio Amateur Is:

* CONSIDERATE…never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

* LOYAL…offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, and the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio in the United States is represented nationally and internationally.

* PROGRESSIVE…with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and knowledge above reproach.

* FRIENDLY…slow and patient operating when requested; friendly
advise and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.

* BALANCED…radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

* PATRIOTIC…station and skill always ready for service to country
and community.


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